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The independent managing general agent

We are dedicated to the European specialty insurance market
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Alta Signa

About us

Alta Signa is an established Managing General Agent dedicated to the Continental European Specialty Insurance market. We aim to establish ourselves as the preferred trading partner, in selected lines of business, of the regional, national and pan-European insurance brokers servicing commercial and corporate clients locally.

Our vision


The Alta Signa team consists of highly experienced personnel, all of whom have held significant senior positions within the European insurance industry, both on Continental Europe and in the United Kingdom.

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"Our core vision is to be close to our brokers and adopt new technologies"
Chief Executive Officer Gerard Van Loon
"We're committed to creating a data-rich transactional environment benefiting all stakeholders"
Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operations Officer David Burke
"We are fully committed to service the European broking community at local levels"
Head of Distribution Dennis Gattinger