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Cyber Risk Specialty Insurance

Mitigation and management of constantly evolving cyber threats is now at the top of corporate risk registers

From ransomware and denial of service attacks, to data fraud or theft, cyber risk is now consistently ranked as a top 10 risk for global companies.

Cyber hacking attacks and the ensuing business interruption loss are serious operational risks that large, medium and small companies alike are increasingly exposed to and aware of. 

In addition, companies are facing cyber theft, extortion, notification and crisis management expenses as well as regulatory and industry compliance penalties for breaches that could have been mitigated or avoided, including personal data GDPR breaches. 

Alta Signa has developed a comprehensive cover that protects companies against any cyber exposures such as data security breaches, remediation expenses, denial-of-service attack, malware attack, failure of patch management, identity theft and public relations expenses.

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