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Marketing 10 May 2023 Alta Signa Press Insights

A view on the German market: Excess layer issues

Brussels: 10th May 2023: The excess layer directors and officers (D&O) market in the German, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) region presents a complex picture for insurers and legal teams. German insurance law does not explicitly regulate excess insurance, which can lead to issues if disputes arise. 

This market bulletin explores these challenges, and highlights how skilfully drafting and coordinating contracts can help all parties involved to avoid conflicts and minimise risks in the settlement of claims. 


Topics explored are:

 - Legal Challenges for Excess Insurance  

 - What is excess insurance?

 - How does excess insurance work in practice?  

 - Settlement at horizontal level: lead clauses

 - Settlement at the vertical level: A challenge for the policyholder 

 - Support from the insurance broker 

 - Rules on alternative dispute resolution 

 - Absence of contractual regulations: What now?      


Hear from the experts: Maximilian Moll from Alta Signa and DWF Germany’s dispute experts Jan-Ulf Suchomel, Michael Zierhut and Lea Christ explore the potential and possibilities of excess insurance in German legal transactions in depth in this Bulletin. 

In the right hand box the bulletin can be downloaded and read in German as well as in English. We hope you find it useful!

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