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Marketing 10 april 2024 Alta Signa Press Insights

Video: Alta Signa IT & Operations Manager Alex Cuadros shines the spotlight on In-Person Distribution Optimisation

Brussels, 10 April 2024: Alta Signa is continuously enhancing its technology infrastructure to streamline in-person distribution. IT & Operations Manager Alex Cuadros recently caught up with technology provider Insly to shine the spotlight on successes so far, in particular improvements in efficiency and flexibility.

In the specialty financial lines and cyber classes of business, relationships are critical to  connecting with local broker networks across Europe and reaching small to medium enterprises.

Having originally developed a proprietary cloud-based system, as Alta Signa has expanded, the team realised it needed a more end-to-end oriented platform that would completely automate the process, and set out to find a third party to meet its needs.

“We wanted something more efficient and flexible, where we can better assess our risks, do more accurate pricing, and that will enable us to build products more efficiently,” explains Cuadros in his interview with technology specialist Insly. 

“We are not living in an isolated world, and there are a lot of good products out there in the market,” says Cuadros. “So, we wanted to pick best-in-class and create an ecosystem that best serves our business interests, through easily connecting through other data and service providers.” 

Reductions in manual processes, faster underwriting, and improved claims management have all been facilitated by the new platform. Alta Signa is already exploring further enhancements, such as extending platform access to brokers and carriers. 

Read Insly’s full case study and watch the video interview here.