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Marketing 27 July 2023 Alta Signa Press Insights

Vlog: Three Questions with Alta Signa Head of Distribution Dennis Gattinger

Brussels, 27 July 2023: In the first of our “three questions with” video blog series we caught up with Dennis Gattinger to shine the spotlight on the opportunities for new distribution methods in the European insurance industry in 2023.

Being a successful insurance business is all about good distribution, and Dennis’ short, engaging and interesting interview highlights new trends around digital platforms, including  collaborative distribution, and the opportunities they present for enhanced reach and efficiency. 

Alta Signa’s people, market access and carrier support are its key USPs when it comes to successful distribution in Europe, Dennis concludes. 

“The "Alta Signa difference" is that as a company we have flat structures allowing us to quickly react. We collaborate as a team, each individual takes ownership and we hold ourselves to the highest standards. As entrepreneurs we are open to change and will act always with integrity,” he said.

Watch the vlog here